Parish Councillors

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Parish Councillors

A list of the current councillors is below:


Cllr Dave Burdge Bay Tree Farm
(Chairman) Wick Road
  Wick St Lawrence
  BS22 7YJ
  Tel: 01934 524898
Cllr Tony Allen Old Paddock
(Vice Chairman) Bourton,WSM
  BS22 7YA
  Tel: 01934 521411
Cllr Liz Edwards Lower Wick Farm
  Wick St Lawrence
  BS22 9YS
  Tel: 01934 515970
Cllr Bob Parsons Icelton Farm
  Wick St Lawrence
  BS22 7YJ
  Tel: 01934 515704
Cllr Jacqueline Hockley 87, Bluebell Road
  Wick St Lawrence
  BS22 9BY
  Tel: 01934 520956
Cllr Jeremy Fielding 27, Wheatfield Drive
  Wick St lawrence
  BS22 9WD
Natalie Richards NSC Liason Officer
Cllr Sue Shillabeer 21 Barley Cross
  Wick St Lawrence 
  BS22 9TB
Cllr P Horner Quines
  Wick Road
  Wick St Lawrence
  BS22 7YP
Colin Hill (Clerk) 84 Beach Road
  Sand Bay, Kewstoke
  BS22 9UQ
  Tel: 01934 624430

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